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MRS Podcast

Engaging Virtual Meetings

We discussed well-being, leadership, and the future of virtual meetings. Listen in to learn more!

The Pursuit of Happiness: How to Stay Well as an Entrepreneur with Julie Zaruba Fountaine

Get ready to take notes while I dispel three common myths about happiness. Click here to listen!

Change Your Life with Systems, Goals and A Personal Blueprint


Check out the episode on the CEO Mindset Podcast

Empower You … It’s Possible … Here’s How with Julie Zaruba Fountaine

Your well-being is too often neglected, and if you want to live life rich, you have to incorporate healthy habits. Learn how in this episode. Click to take a listen.

Stories That Inspire Us with Julie Zaruba Fountaine

Our conversation on empowerment, reframing, and engaging in our own well-being has the potential to harmonize our lives in ways that we did not anticipate.  The true test for some (for this podcast host at times) is when to say “No”.Click here to take a listen.

Uncovering the Myths of Happiness & Well-Being with guest Julie Zaruba Fountaine

In this episode, we talked about the pursuit of happiness and our overall wellness and well-being.

Click to tune in.

The Courage to Empower

Here are a few key conversation points. How the key to success is adaptability. How important it is to not shame yourself. The gift of letting go of attachments. Tune in by clicking here!

BYOK w/ Julie Zaruba Fountaine: Exploring Your “Why”

Tune in to hear about my audacious steps towards living the life conducive to achieving joyful success, the importance of learning your why, and more. Click here!

Want, need, how important is it?

Join the conversation as I share organizational tips I use in my business and household to embrace a positive relationship with finances. Click here!



Podcast interview with Rhonda Simmons and Julie Zaruba Fountaine.

How to Reclaim Your Power

Thank you The Simmons Empowerment Foundation Inc. for an incredible conversation about personal mission statements, listening to your true voice, and claiming your power. To listen click here.

Maintaining Your Wellness

On this episode of She Sparks Tech I chat with Casey Bertelsman about workplace well-being, burnout, and  how to achieve your wellness goals

To listen click here.

 Monday Positivitea with Parul

Want Freedom From The Clock? Check out this episode about Balancing Self-Discipline, Soul Purpose, and Self-Love for True Freedom Check out the episode linked HERE to learn tips about finding work-life harmony, setting boundaries, and gaining freedom from the clock!

You Need a Counselor

It was great talking with Dr. Julie and Chrissa about mental health and access to mental health care. Learn more about utilizing an employee assistance program in order to navigate the mental health care system.

To listen click here.


Come and join Melanie and I as we explore stress and burnout and some of the personal and professional issues that create it. Melanie and I both have had chronic stress and burnout and experienced toxic work environments and are passionate about helping organizations and individuals create effective plans to move from surviving to thriving .

To listen click here.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, and constantly stressed due to the lack of work-life balance and the absence of clear personal boundaries, then you are not alone! Many individuals find themselves trapped in a cycle of overworking, neglecting their personal lives, and struggling to establish healthy limits. Despite their efforts, they may find that their relationships suffer, their mental and physical health declines, and their overall well-being is compromised. It’s time to break free from this cycle and prioritize creating a harmonious work-life balance and setting firm boundaries.

Click Here to tune in

Rico and Julie

Discover the Art of Letting Go on our podcast with Rico. We cover a lot of ground in our 30 minute conversation discussing, change, limiting beliefs, and how to “just do it”. We also touch on mental health therapy, where Rico and I have differing views. I strongly advocate for its importance in well-being. Take a listen and learning more about letting go. To check out the full episode click here.

Time Freedom: Work-Life Balance Myths

Step into a world where time is not the enemy but your greatest ally! 

Join me on “Marketing Rebels: Breaking Business Barriers” with Shauna Van Mourik 

In this episode, we unravel the mysteries of work-life harmony, liberate ourselves from the clock’s constraints, and debunk the myths of time management. 

 Click HERE to take a listen

During our conversation, I shares how my personal experience of navigating the challenges of burnout inspired EMPOWER Possible and provides insights and practical tools that empower individuals on their path of awakening. www.empowerpossible.com Free resource “Navigating Your Career Transitions” Workbook.

What makes a hero? A hero doesn’t hide the hard parts of living life and their imperfections…learning to love and embrace your imperfections is what sets you apart. Dive into the conversation about Un-Caped Hero by clicking HERE

Check out the “She’s The Business Podcast With Jessica Osborn” By pressing play on this episode you’ll discover:

– Why we often find ourselves struggling to utter the simple word “no,” and how it impacts our path to joyful success

– What signs scream “it’s time to move on” from your job and craft the role that truly aligns with you?

– The absolute value of self-awareness in writing your own story of personal and professional triumph.

– How can setting boundaries revolutionize the way you work, live, and maintain a sense of self?

Tune in, level up, and let’s get to the heart of what makes you tick in this episode.

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by the thought of redefining your career goals? In this episode discover how to set clear objectives, stay focused, and pivot effectively during times of transition.

In this episode we are exploring the theme of finding triumph amidst career changes and strategies for navigating transitions with confidence, resilience, and a positive mindset. From redefining goals to honing skills and networking effectively, this episode offers a direction for transforming challenges into triumphs when navigating career changes.

Take a listen and learn more about transition, click here!

In this engaging conversation, we delved into:
Understanding the essence of disruption and its transformative power.

 Embracing change as an opportunity for growth and innovation.

The critical role of creativity in driving disruptive innovations forward.

 Learning from failure and iterating to achieve success in a dynamic world.

Click here to listen

“Give Yourself Permission”

Angel and I take a deep dive into how to make meaningful connections, the blue zones, and creative problem-solving.

Click HERE to tune into this episode.

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