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Ignite Change With Empower Possible: Your Well-being Solution

What is well-being? Well-being encompasses a holistic state of physical, mental, and emotional wellness, where individuals experience a sense of balance, fulfillment, and vitality in their lives.
Discover the true essence of well-being and unlock the untapped potential of your organization by prioritizing your most valuable asset: your people. 
Elevate your benefits package and invest in your employees’ well-being with a transformative solution. Witness empowered, content, and committed employees that fuel a thriving company inside and out.
Ready to revolutionize employee engagement in health and well-being with EMPOWER Possible?  
I partner with you to improve employee satisfaction, retention, and productivity.
Take the leap towards a brighter future for your organization. Schedule a conversation today by completing the form below. Let EMPOWER Possible guide you on the path to success.

Examples of keynote presentations and workshops:

Pursuit of Happiness:
Discover the life-changing power of positive psychology and intentional positivity in this engaging workshop. Learn to embrace happiness, cultivate resilience, and create a meaningful life filled with purpose.
Freedom from the Clock:
As we get older, we encounter increasingly complex academic, social, athletic, and familial demands on our time which can be difficult to navigate. This presentation helps participants learn how to prioritize and balance their commitments
Build Your Strengths:
Join our workshop to discover and build upon your unique strengths, empowering you to thrive and achieve your goals. Learn practical strategies to harness your talents, boost confidence, and unlock a path to personal and professional success.
To bring EMPOWER Possible to your workplace please schedule a complimentary discovery call.
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Julie Zaruba Fountaine

Let's build a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive.

I’m Julie Zaruba Fountaine, Founder of EMPOWER Possible, LLC, on a decade-long mission to empower individuals, organizations, and communities in making positive change.
As a certified change management specialist, I’ve curated a holistic well-being solution encompassing self-development, social networking, and systems transformation, enabling organizations to create meaningful transformations.
Together, let’s overcome obstacles, unlock your boundless potential, and forge a path toward a brighter future, making our world a better place, one step at a time!

Empower Possible Courses

Unlock your potential with EMPOWER Possible online courses, where knowledge meets empowerment for a limitless future.

Harmony Boost: The Joyful Workplace

Elevate workplace morale and performance with our comprehensive ‘Joy at Work’ bundle, and unleash the full potential of your team with our EMPOWER curriculum. This program is designed to elevate workplace morale, performance, and well-being.

How to empower yourself and create meaningful change

There is a path towards a regenerative future. A future where you can thrive. EMPOWER is about building your capacity.

Advancing Wellness Initiatives

The future of work includes wellness- learn how to advance wellness in the workplace.


Learn more about Empower’s approach to well-being. 

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EMPOWER Possible Events

Embark on an extraordinary journey of growth and possibility by joining upcoming EMPOWER Possible events! 

Should you have any burning questions or want more details, don’t hesitate to drop me an email at info@empowerpossible.comI can’t wait to connect with you!

September through October, Better Together Workshop Series

The Center for Interprofessional Health and the 1Health Interprofessional Education teams are excited for you to join us at our introductory interprofessional sessions, “Better Together: Preparing for Collaborative Practice!” For more information email me,

October 10, 6-7 pm CST, Turn the Tide: How to Thrive as a Business Owner,

Discover how to establish work-life harmony, set boundaries, and implement self-care practices that enhance your overall health and fulfillment. Get ready to turn the tide in your entrepreneurial journey. Learn and practice the tools you need to maximize your potential, thrive amidst challenges, and create a sustainable, successful business that aligns with your values and aspirations.

Free Webinar

To register go to

November, Freedom from the Clock Coffee Chat with the University of Wisconsin-Superior.

As we get older, we encounter increasingly complex academic, social, athletic, and familial demands on our time which can be difficult to navigate. This presentation helps participants learn how to prioritize and balance their commitments. For more information, email me,

2024 New Course Launch Stay Tuned for Details! Career Crossroads

Navigate your career crossroads with confidence and clarity in our transformative Career Crossroads Workshop, where you’ll gain valuable insights, practical strategies, and personalized guidance to make informed decisions and embark on a fulfilling professional path.

Past Events

September 30, Dream Up! Conference

The Pursuit of Happiness. For more information go to 

September 27th, Midwest Health Promotion Conference: Weaving a Web of Wellness

Presented on the topic of implementing a Care Champion program in the workplace.

Building Our Strengths Online Course

The interactive workshop will begin by identifying your strengths and offer the opportunity to discuss and reflect on your strengths. By the end of the workshop, you will have a clearer understanding of your personal strengths and how you utilize them in your work and personal life.

Women and Leadership Symposium, Madison Wisconsin

The Pursuit of Happiness: Uncover the Myths of Happiness, a transformative exploration that challenges conventional notions and empowers you to redefine happiness on your own terms. for more information email

 Engaging Virtual Meetings with John Chen,

Join us for Engaging Virtual Meetings with John Chen, where thought-provoking discussions on well-being, leadership, and the future of virtual meetings will empower you with practical insights and strategies to make your virtual gatherings more impactful and meaningful.

Click here for the replay. 

 LeanIn MSP 10 Year Celebration

Have you wanted to envision your life in 10 years, but never found the time to do it? Join the Lean In Together community. #community #leanin

Want to host an event with EMPOWER Possible?

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